Dems Play Hide & Sneak Before Midterms


October 23, 2006


The midterm elections are less than three weeks away and Democrats are playing Hide-and-Sneak. They are hiding their major players from public view and using the liberal media to sneak in a dishonest message about what they really stand for. Why is this?

It’s because showcasing liberal House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi would inform the American public that she wants to raise their taxes, cut and run from Iraq, disrupt our booming economy by raising taxes (and the minimum wage) and support her fellow leftists in impeaching a sitting president. Pelosi, who would become House Majority leader, thinks this election “shouldn’t be about national security,” has consistently voted against military and intelligence funding, is inveterately for abortion and illegal immigration – and is against the Boy Scouts!

It’s because putting liberal Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid front and center would negate his oft-repeated accusation about the Republican “culture of corruption” by placing on the front burner his own scandalous land deal (small investment, huge windfall, suspicious circumstances) and his decision to use campaign money to pay for personal Christmas gifts. Reid, too, would raise taxes, cut and run from Iraq, raise the minimum wage, and jump on the impeachment bandwagon.

It’s because ultra-liberal, far-left Democrats – which is all that remains of this sorry Party – want to keep front and center the recent scandal involving Tom Foley, the Republican Congressman from Florida who resigned the day his sexually suggestive e-mails to pages were revealed, from being compared to Democrats Barney Frank’s and Gerry Studds’ actual, physical, lustful sex with pages and the fact that they were only slapped on their wrists and rewarded by liberal voters from Massachusetts with numerous reelections. And they certainly don’t want a replay of Bill Clinton’s sleazy serial sexual encounters.

It’s because Democrats don’t want you to know that our economy is booming, that the Dow Jones average is the highest it’s been in its history of over 100 years, that gas prices have plummeted, that the housing market is making a stunning comeback, and that unemployment is at an all-time low.

It’s because Democrats don’t want to remind you of the democracy that now exist in Iraq, and of all the positive things – the opening of schools and hospitals, the building of infrastructure, the emancipation of women, a free and flourishing press, etc. – that our heroic troops have accomplished. And they certainly don’t want to tell you that if we cut and run from Iraq (their most fervent wish) the terrorists will prevail and it won’t be long before they invade our shores.

It’s because Democrats don’t want you to know that their hero, Bill Clinton, failed utterly to deal with the looming threat from Iran, gave away our nation’s most precious national security secrets to Communist China, endowed North Korea (a longtime enemy and antagonist of America) with the means to build a nuclear arsenal that now threatens the entire world, and threw his full support to the most corrupt organization in the world, the United Nations.

It is crucially important to Democrats (read liberals) that they hide the people who tout this doom-and-death-to-America ideology, and they trust that their fellow leftists in the media, who are immensely more articulate, will sneak in their message in the guise of “objective” journalism.

It’s because Democrats don’t want you to know that, should they win the House and Senate, the most liberal politicians in the country – Dodd, Kennedy, Leahy, Biden, Rangel, Conyers, Waxman, et al – would chair powerful committees and immediately try to repeal the president’s tax cuts, increase taxes, increase the minimum wage, lobby for liberal judges to the Supreme Court, make drastic cutbacks to domestic surveillance, reintroduce socialized medicine, continue to applaud classified leaks that put our country and our troops at risk, and, as always, continue to abet and appease terrorists.

It’s because Democrats don’t want you to know that when it comes to the most urgent issues of our time – national security, the War on Terrorism, and the importance of maintaining a healthy, indeed thriving, economy – they have no ideas! Other, that is, than their same old failed policies of taxing and spending, glorifying abortions, retreating from military conflicts, supporting that cesspool of corruption, the United Nations, facilitating illegal immigration, and generally and regularly – both here and abroad – undermining America (as, among others, do Clinton and Carter).

But to demonstrate how nervous Democrats really are, and how little trust they place in the polls and in themselves, they are already screeching – as they did in 2000 and 2004 about those “stolen” elections – that the 2006 elections, ala the Diebold electronic voting machines, will “fix” the numbers to favor Republicans.

The Democrats and the liberal media can play hide-and-sneak until November 7, but even the most self-deluding among them know that the American people are not self-destructive enough to give them a majority vote.

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