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Sample of NY Times Articles by Joan Swirsky

The Wait For Breast X-Rays Grows Longer: April 21, 2002

Nassau Medical Greets Its First Water Birth: April 14, 2002

Roosevelt Charter School Sets an Example, but for Whom?: April 7, 2002

Opera Written in a Czech Camp Recalls Voices of Lost Children:  April 7, 2002

Rockville Centre 'Color Wars' Never End: March 24, 2002

Parents' Fear: A Monster in the Playground: March 17, 2002

Gene Therapy Gives Heart Patients Hope: Feb. 17, 2002

Helping Hands That Heal Hearts: Feb. 10, 2002

Med Center: Nassau Budget's Achilles Heel: Dec/ 16, 2001

Village Tallies a Loss Beyond a Good Meal: Sept. 30, 2001

Black Women Build Businesses of Their Own: Aug. 26, 2001

College Equestrians: Win, Place or Show: April 8, 2001

Trying to Find the Secrets to a Long Life: March 25, 2001

A Date, Not a Marriage, for 2 PBS Stations: Feb. 18, 2001

Trading In Junk Bonds for a Charter School: Dec. 31, 2000

School District Stops Children's Hot Meals: Dec. 17, 2000

Hewlett Schools Head Sees Drug 'Epidemic': Nov. 26, 2000

Roosevelt's Tug of War Over Its Charter School; The New Academy Moves Into Its Permanent Quarters, But the Public School District Drags Its Heels Over Payments: Nov. 19, 2000

High School Confidential: A Great Neck Eye-Opener: Oct. 29, 2000

Chasing Ever-Changing American Dream: Sept. 17, 2000

Teaching the Fourth 'R': A Sense of Reality: Sept. 3, 2000

Octogenarians Ask: What Keeps Us Going?: July 16, 2000

Entrepreneur From India Learns to Lobby: July 9, 2000

Tobacco's Threat to Teenagers' Health: July 9, 2000

From Deep Silence to Birdsong and Car Horns: June 11, 2000

Mentally Ill Face Loss of Great Neck Haven: April 2, 2000

State Cancer Map: One Step In the Search for the Causes: March 5, 2000

'In Sickness, in Health' Gets a New Twist: Jan. 16, 2000

Great Neck Debates a Proposed Charter School: Dec. 12, 1999

In Good Times, Cosmetic Surgery: Nov. 12, 1999

Welcome to Steakhouse Row: Sept. 12, 1999

Cutbacks by Oxford Unsettling to Clients: June 20, 1999

Treating the Doctor's Bedside Manner: April 25, 1999

Being Tough, and Helpful, on Domestic Abuse: Feb. 7, 1999

Two Faiths, One Goal for Life's Last Journey: Nov. 29, 1998

Dentist-Anesthesiologists Are Pushing for Formal Recognition: April 14, 1996

A Call For Change in Nursing Education: June 19, 1988

LONG ISLAND OPINION; Nurse, Heal Thyself: May 22, 1988


Sample Of Articles About Joan Swirsky

LONG ISLAND JOURNAL; After Breast Cancer, Changing the World One House at a Time by Marcelle Fischler (NY Times): Jan. 6, 2006

FROM L.I. TO THE NEW YORK STAGE by Alvin Klein: Feb. 6, 1983




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