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April 21, 2009: Obama Didn’t Know Nuthin’ Of The Tea Parties – But The Rest Of The World Did!

March 9, 2009: Obama's Toxic Brew

January 8, 2009: Thank You, President Bush

November 22, 2008:The Great Birth Certificate Scandal-Cover-Up of the 2008 Election

November 7, 2008:America the Beautiful

November 1, 2008: Obama's Contempt for our Constitution

October 27, 2008: Did The "Chicago Way" Work for Obama in Hawaii?

April 20, 2008: Barack Obama's Snake Oil


May 8, 2007: Reid & Company Hate America, Hate Our Troops


April 23, 2007: Cho Was a Terrorist!


February 19, 2007: Liberals DON'T Support Our Troops


February 8, 2007: The Pathology of Liberalism


Jan. 29, 2007: Hillary: Typical Actions of an Abused Woman



November 6, 2006: Johnny – We Always Knew Ya!


October 23, 2006: Dems Play Hide & Sneak Before Midterms


September 26, 2006: Fool Me Once Bill Clinton - But Don't Wag Your Finger at Me Again


March 15, 2006: Hillary's Nemesis ~ Peter Paul


January 9, 2006: The Seven Deadly Sins of Liberals


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November 14, 2005: When It Comes to America, Old Media Loves Bad News

November 3, 2005: "Misunderestimated" President Bush Always Prevails

October 21, 2005: Old Media in Desperate Straits

October 13, 2005: Only One Survivor in the Perfect Political Storm – President Bush

September 15, 2005: President Bush’s Immunity to Liberal Smears

January, 2005: The Reptilian Brains of Terri’s Executioners



November 29, 2005: Rockefeller’s Treachery (originally posted on



Justice Clarence Thomas: Man of Strong Opinions 3-12-2007

'Scuttle's Big Wish' Underscores Perils of Greed 11-9-2006

Steve Doocy Finds Happy Marriage 10-13-2006

Durbin Apology - Not Accepted! 6-27-2005

The Impotent Democrats 6-16-2005

Old Media Neither Credible, Trustworthy nor Relevant 5-18-2005

Democrats Still Don't Get It 5-12-2005

Runaway Hoax 5-1-2005

George W. Bush's Remarkable Legacy 3-9-2005

Why Terri (and All Compromised Children) Should Live 2-25-2005

Giving Birth (to a Baby and a Nation) 2-17-2005

Death Throes of the Mainstream Media 2-10-2005

Cows Moo, Liberals Spew 1-20-2005

The Hollywood-Media 'Million Dollar Baby' Hoax 12-24-2004

It’s Not Liberals Who Don’t ‘Get It’ – It’s Conservatives 12-9-2004

Making the Case for Democracy 12-5-2004

Election Issues Didn't Matter; It Was a Referendum on Bush 11-15-2004

Sure Signs Backfired on Kerry, Dems 11-5-2004

Why Jews Must Vote for President Bush 10-28-2004

Kerry’s Kefiyyah 9-20-2004

Kerry’s Allergy to the Truth 9-10-2004

Kerry’s Scariest Choice 8-24-2004

The Oddest Couple and Their Hidden Agendas 8-13-2004

Convention Day or Election Day Disaster 7-14-2004

Political Passion Counts – But Your Vote for Bush Might Not! 7-2-2004

Leftist Media Bias – Even in Death 6-13-2004

Dutch and Dubya 6-6-2004

Kerry & Company’s Homeland Insecurity 5-27-2004

Nick Berg’s Death Forebodes Our Own 5-13-2004

Humiliation Hullabaloo 5-10-2004

The Hollow Man 5-5-2004

Thank You, Ted Koppel! 5-3-2004

Thank You, Ted Koppel! 5-2-2004

Inside Kerry’s Character 4-28-2004

April Fools 4-19-2004

The Giant and the Pygmies 4-15-2004

Kerry’s Pfffft! Factor 4-7-2004

The Politics of Desperation 4-2-2004

Richard Clarke’s Puny Ego 3-26-2004

Inside Kerry’s Mind 3-23-2004

The Candidates on Trial 3-17-2004

Blathering Points 3-15-2004

Elizabeth Smart Revisited 3-8-2004

Who Can You Trust – Bush or Kerry? 2-19-2004

The Big-picture President and His Snapshot Opponents 2-12-2004

Slamming the Incumbent: An American Tradition 2-2-2004

The Real WMD – Democratic Presidential Candidates 1-30-2004

Howard Beale – er, Dean 1-21-2004

President Bush’s Influence in Iowa 1-20-2004

A Treasury Secretary Scorned 1-13-2004

The Democrats’ Anxiety 12-15-2003

The ‘Psychology’ of Liberals 10-22-2003

What Is Alien in the White House 10-5-2003

Why a Democratic Liberal Became a Republican Conservative 8-20-2003

The Death of Feminism II: 'Sex and the City' Is a Pity 7-23-2003

Hillary and Hamlet – Déjà Vu All Over Again 6-19-2003

The Death of Feminism 5-15-2003

Why Elizabeth ‘Ran Away’ 3-14-2003

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